Sunday, September 5, 2010

Acai Berry Diet Supplements - Is it a Cheat?

Acai berries are one of the most talked fruits on this planet at this minute. Wondering why there is so much talked about it and why in the world does it help lose weight. Not sure? Read on.

I was very curious about this fruit myself about two months ago. I did a very intense research on this fruit and realised that the amazing part of this fruit is its antioxidant power. Very important to know that there are hundreds of other fruits with a much higher ant-ioxidating power but unfortunately they are also poisonous to an extend. this fruit has been used by Brazilians as a snack for over 100 years now.

There are several hundred reported cases of south Americans being hospitalised due to fruit eaten straight of forest trees and bushes. These fruits that they eat included all the other fruits with anti-oxidating power. Acai Berries were never before analysed to figure it to be good to eat. Also there were way to many of these wild fruits to consider for consumption but two years ago a scientist in Brazil took over 200 separate samples of these wild fruits to analyse. This was solely to report the safe fruits for consumption to reveal to nearby villages to these forests.

This experiment turned out to be the best ever for him as he discovered the best fruit for weight loss and health. Anti-oxidating power help in digestion which in turn gets rid of toxins that might have been hiding in your insides for years now. Almost all Hollywood stars at some point in their career have used these berries from the south American forests. The only difference is back then they were risking their health since they were not approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA).


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